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How to Start Paper Bag Manufacturing Business?

Due to the pollution caused by the plastic materials, many countries including India have ban plastic bags as an packaging source. Many states have many laws and guidelines regarding using plastic bags. Even non woven bags are also banned because it also has some polypropylene which is non biodegradable in our environment. The last option we have to store or package items is paper bags.

In this article, we will tell you most of the information regarding how to start a paper bag manufacturing business in India? like





Raw Materials


Government Schemes and many more.

Demand of paper bags making business

Paper bags are used in many store like

Grocery stores

Book stores

Food Outlets

Medical stores


Machines and Equipment

To start paper bag manufacturing business you will need a paper bag making machine which is available in the market in two option which are with printing and without printing. The second machine you need is Eye-let Punching Machine.

Paper bag making business are available in different sizes to make paper bags of different width and heights. Some of the models are:

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